African Art Therapy

Welcome to the home of art therapy training in South Africa. UJ Art Therapy serves as a nexus for art therapy and mental health awareness, facilitating access to services, providing learning opportunities, and promoting an ethical African approach. Here we provide access to essential programme details, resources and updates.

What is art therapy?

Put very simply, art therapy uses art materials, processes and creations as the catalyst for therapeutic growth in clients. The modality is founded on psychodynamic principles and is used in a variety of contexts to promote healing and wellness.

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Why study at art therapy at UJ?

The University of Johannesburg is the first and only South African institution to offer formalised art therapy training. The programme is contextually-sensitive and contemporary with local and global influence.

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The UJ Art Therapy Timeline

Showcased here is the progressive success of numerous students since UJ Art Therapy's inception. This serves to illustrate the real-world impact and the progressive evolution of our art therapy initiatives.


1st Hons cohort

7 Hons students


9 Hons students


1st Masters cohort

9 Hons students

10 Masters 1st year students


12 Hons students

5 Masters 1st year students

10 Masters 2nd year students

Guest Lecturers:


International: 14


National: 15

Established Sites:


Community: 11


Clinical: 22

Published Articles:


By students: 10

Collaborate with us

We invite individuals and organizations who are passionate about making a positive impact to collaborate and partner with us. Together, let's harness the power of art therapy to empower, inspire, and transform lives.


What's On?

Stay connected with the UJ Art Therapy community through our 'What's On' page. Dive into insightful blogs, news articles, and get the latest updates on our transformative initiatives. Alongside this, discover a rich schedule of workshops, conferences, and events dedicated to the multifaceted world of art therapy. Stay inspired, informed, and engaged with us.

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Memory box or temple




Gentle, dear feather (Poem)


Corona Jellyfish